Hunter Biden lawyers want to suppress evidence of drug addiction

 June 5, 2024

Hunter Biden's defense lawyers want to suppress photo evidence of his drug use in his federal gun trial, in which he is accused of lying about his crack addiction to buy a revolver.

The prosecution's case includes photos and videos from Biden's notorious laptop, which was abandoned at a computer repair shop.

The defense wants to suppress a video that allegedly shows Biden weighing crack cocaine, Newsweek reported.

Biden lawyers try to bury evidence

The video was allegedly shot one month after Biden purchased the firearm in 2018.

"The defendant objected to this video from December 2018...and says that it features the defendant naked," prosecutors wrote. "However, this redacted clip only shows the defendant from his chest up."

"This video of the defendant weighing white powder on a scale shows that the defendant's period of addiction, which lasted for four years, included the time period during which he purchased the gun and continued into 2019."

Ahead of the trial, Biden's lawyers fought to eliminate his laptop from evidence, claiming it "had been altered and compromised before investigators obtained the electronic material." FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen told prosecutors Tuesday that the laptop was confirmed to be Biden's. 

"Among other things, there was a serial number that's on the back of this laptop that matches the Apple subpoena records that they obtained in 2019, so it matches the registration of this particular device to the iCloud account at a particular date," Jensen said.

Jury hears from ex-wife

Biden's drug habit has been thoroughly documented in the media and his own memoir, excerpts of which have been read for the jury.

During the second day of testimony, Biden's ex-wife Kathleen Buhle said Biden was "not himself" while on drugs but he was able to function and interact with others.

The jury also heard from a stripper and former girlfriend of Biden's, Zoe Kestan, who said Biden's behavior was unchanged during his cocaine binges which took place "every 20 minutes or so."

"I remember thinking to myself that there was no change in his behavior," she said. "Nothing had changed, he was the same charming person."

Biden's defense lawyer Abbe Lowell has told the jury that there "is no such thing as a high functioning crack addict."

The jury will also hear from Biden's ex-girlfriend Hallie Biden, who angered Hunter by throwing the gun in the trash. She is the widow of Hunter's deceased brother Beau Biden.

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