DNA test shows Hunter Biden fathered child with Arkansas woman: Report

The nightmare of Hunter Biden’s indiscretions continues for his presidential candidate father.

Hunter Biden has denied for months that he fathered a child with an Arkansas woman while he was in a relationship with his brother’s widow. But on Wednesday, a new suit was filed in Independence County, Arkansas by Lunden Alexis Roberts citing a DNA test that proves with “scientific certainty” that Biden was indeed the father of her child, according to Breitbart.

Media tries to hide it

If you recall, in October, Hunter Biden did an exclusive interview with ABC News to try to clear his and his father’s name in regard to any wrongdoing with China and Ukraine.

The reporting was weak at best, as there were no real hard-hitting questions, and the topic of this “love child” was completely ignored — even though it had been a major headline in May.

Whether that came at Biden’s request or the network chose to treat him with kid gloves, we do not know. Biden had commented about the matter prior, though, always denying the affair and stating he never had sex with Roberts.

Truth always prevails

Roberts’ initial suit had been filed in May, but she had been unable to get Biden to take a paternity test. However, in October, Roberts won that aspect of her case when the judge refused to throw the case, as Biden had requested.

Roberts had always contented that Biden told her privately he knew the child was his but he refused to take responsibility publicly.

The only reason that decision would make sense, considering the profile of his family, is that the affair would have taken place while Hunter was living with and having a romantic relationship with his brother Beau’s widow.

So, basically, what we have is the son of a presidential candidate who regularly preaches about the moral fabric of our country busted for being a deadbeat dad.

In the suit that was filed on Wednesday, Roberts is requesting child support as well as an even split on health care expenses. She is also seeking costs and fees for “all other just and proper relief.”

The financial aspect of the suit should not be hard to fulfill since Biden has a boatload of cash from his lucrative position on a Ukrainian energy firm’s board, but the political damage to his father’s campaign is a completely different matter.

It stands to reason that if Hunter was lying about this child, it’s possible that he also lied about his shady business dealings in Ukraine, so we expect a lot of bad news on the horizon for Grandpa Joe.

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