Hunter Biden to undergo DNA testing in Arkansas paternity case

The embattled Joe Biden may soon have yet another controversy to explain.

Hunter Biden has finally agreed to take a paternity test after an Arkansas woman filed suit against the former VP’s son claiming he fathered her now-14-month-old child.

Baby Doe

The suit was filed by 28-year-old Lunden Alexis Roberts in Independence County, Arkansas. Roberts claims to have met Hunter Biden while attending George Washington University as a graduate student.

The child, who has only been identified as Baby Doe, was born in August of 2018. Biden has been adamant that the child is not his, but has finally agreed to take the paternity test.

Hunter Biden has been under intense pressure from the media to answer the allegations ever since Roberts filed suit. Roberts has claimed that Hunter admitted to her in private that he knew the child was his, while openly denying the allegations to the media.

According to court filings, Hunter Biden will have until Nov. 1 to take the test.

The Black Sheep

As good a reputation as Beau Biden had, Hunter is the complete opposite. He has regularly been an embarrassment to his father, but the timing of these allegations coupled with the Ukraine controversy is beginning to take its toll on Biden’s campaign.

You have to remember, Joe Biden regularly preaches about our “moral fabric” and the family unit, yet he has a son who is apparently a womanizer, an alcoholic and a drug addict. Oh, and there is that unseemly business of Hunter shacking up with his dead brother’s widow.

Hunter thought he was doing his father a favor by doing an exclusive interview with ABC News to tell all, but all that interview did was raise more questions about Biden’s activities.

It appears that Hunter Biden is an epic screwup who has been bailed out by Daddy his entire life. Look no further than his receipt of two waivers just so that he could be given a Naval commission, only to test positive for cocaine shortly thereafter.

Hunter exhibits typical liberal entitlement, in that he believes that nothing is ever his fault. It is always a setup. Well, if this paternity test comes back positive, it could all but end his father’s chances of winning his party’s nomination.

After all, it is not going to look very good if we find out that the son of a candidate was preying on girls two decades younger himself and ended up getting one of them pregnant.

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