Report: Hunter Biden bragged about using drugs with former DC mayor

A new report from the U.K.’s Daily Mail alleges that Hunter Biden bragged in a phone call with a friend that he “smoked crack” with the late Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. The Daily Mail cited leaked audio from an infamous laptop hard drive allegedly left by Biden in a Delaware computer repair shop.

Dated Jan. 5, 2019, the audio clip reportedly starts out with Biden’s friend alleging that Martin Luther King, Jr. used cocaine “with an Indian and a Black man,” to which Biden replied that the friend was “racist.”

When Biden’s anonymous friend brought up Mayor Barry, Biden reportedly said: “You know what, I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry, I swear to f****** God.

“That was in Georgetown. And he used to go to a place right next to [local bar] The Guards,” Biden reportedly added. “And I was a sophomore I guess, I was a junior when that happened.”

Biden contradicts himself

According to the Daily Mail, Biden said the mayor “used to come there and drink like late, late.”

“And I would be there, and he would go to the bathroom,” the now-president’s son claimed.

Given that Biden graduated college in 1992 and Barry was arrested in 1990 on drug charges, the timeline suggested by Biden could work, as the Daily Mail notes. Barry has since died, and can’t corroborate Biden’s story.

Notably, the audio does contradict Biden’s recently published memoir Beautiful Things. In it, the first son claims that an arrest as a teenager scared him off from using drugs until after college, according to The Federalist.

It doesn’t add up

According to the memoir, Biden first used crack cocaine in 2018, which is long after the audio indicates. There are reportedly disturbing images of Biden using crack on the laptop as well, according to the Daily Mail, but this would have been in 2019.

Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy Reserve in 2014 after failing a test for cocaine, but that does not indicate crack cocaine use before or after that occurrence.

Former President Donald Trump, for his part, brought up Hunter Biden’s discharge during the 2020 presidential campaign, claiming that Biden had been “dishonorably discharged” because of the drug use, but fact-checkers pointed out that it was an administrative discharge, which is more common with failed drug tests.

If Biden did really use crack cocaine with Mayor Barry in 1989 or 1990, it indicates a much longer pattern of drug use than he has admitted to officially. Ultimately, though, it bears little significance to Biden’s circumstances, except showing that he may have lied in his memoir, which was already obvious to anyone who follows the news.

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