Hunter Biden linked to counterfeiting scheme: Report

The paternity suit against Hunter Biden could be the undoing of his father’s campaign.

A private investigation firm has discovered “lawfully” obtained documents that show Hunter Biden was involved in a massive “counterfeiting scheme,” according to Breitbart. If the allegations are true, Biden could be facing a major criminal investigation and even time in prison as a result.

Investigations are open

According to reports, D&A Investigations are not the only agency looking into Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company with which Biden previously held a lucrative board position.

D&A told Fox News “the FBI and Justice Department have [also] been investigating PrivatBank.” And they aren’t done yet.

According to reports, Biden started working for Burisma back in 2014 and was being paid at least $50,000 per month during his time serving on the board.

Even for that kind of money, though, Hunter Biden never traveled to Ukraine and exactly what he did to earn that money, other than being the then-vice president’s son, nobody really knows.

Well — not until now. The D&A report stated that Hunter Biden was allegedly part of a $156 million counterfeiting scheme. It also alleged that Biden is subject to a criminal investigation as of right now, although the FBI has refused to confirm or deny the existence of such an investigation.

According to the report, Biden opened several outside accounts on behalf of Burisma, then millions of dollars were funneled through the accounts.

What happens now?

Initially, this information was filed as part of the paternity suit against Hunter Biden. However, because the claims were not filed properly, the judge threw them out.

This discovery is not going to go away, though, and even if the media does not hit Joe Biden over this news, Trump supporters have been showing at up the 2020 hopeful’s rallies throwing this in his face.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys have been denying the allegations, but Hunter has lied so much, his denial means nothing to most people.

Joe Biden may be able to keep this under wraps for now, but if he wins the nomination, it’s all but guaranteed that Trump will not hesitate to remind voters about the issue as much as possible. May the games begin.

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