Hunter Biden 'conned' his own daughter

July 2, 2023
Robert Ayers

The DailyWire's Greg Wilson just published a piece arguing that Hunter Biden may have just conned his own 4-year-old daughter. 

Wilson's opinion piece is titled, "Con artist: victim of Hunter Biden's latest scam is his own daughter."

What Wilson's piece centers around is the recent settlement agreement that was reached between Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts, the mother of Biden's four-year-old daughter, Navy.

The underlying dispute was with regard to child support payments.

The deal

To quickly get the reader up to speed, Biden and Roberts conceived Navy in 2018, near the time when Biden was in a relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter Biden's deceased brother, Beau.

Biden initially tried to claim that he was not the father's child.  But, a court-ordered DNA test determined "with near scientific certainty" that Biden was indeed the girl's father.

Not long thereafter, a child support agreement was reached. It required Biden to pay Roberts $20,000 per month. This ended the matter for a brief time.

The case resumed, however, when Hunter Biden claimed that he could no longer afford these monthly $20,000 child support payments. He thus asked the court to lower the payments. And, Roberts, in addition to defending the child support payments, attempted to obtain the Biden surname for Navy.

Last week, Biden and Roberts reached a settlement in the matter. Biden managed to get the child support payments lowered to $5,000 per month and he managed to prevent the child from taking his last name. In return, the child is going to get some of Biden's infamous paintings.

A con?

Wilson, in his piece, argues that Biden, in the settlement agreement, essentially conned Navy and Roberts.

First, Wilson points out that "some cynics think the only folks paying six figures for Hunter Biden’s ink-blown abstract paintings are people who want to buy his father’s influence, and the guy producing them is a con artist."

Then, Wilson, after suggesting that there may be a good deal of legitimacy to what the "cynics" say, writes, "the one key thing to remember about the scam is that there is no secondary market for a signed Hunter Biden. No one buys it to hang on the wall and show their friends. It’s nothing more than a ticket stub."

This, according to Wilson, is the con. Wilson writes, "Little Navy Joan will find this out in about 14 years, when she drags her signed Hunter Bidens out of the crawl space and tries to sell them to pay for her college tuition."

It is a sad situation. Let's also not forget that, to this day, the Biden family - including President Joe Biden - refuses to acknowledge the girl.

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