Admitted and exposed criminal Hunter Biden flies on Air Force One days after FBI conducts political raid on Trump

In the eyes of many Americans, the FBI raid on Monday of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home confirmed suspicions that the Justice Department has been grossly politicized with partisan double standards for who is and isn’t subjected to the full weight of federal law over alleged wrongdoing.

That viewpoint was further cemented just two days later when Hunter Biden, of whom there is ample evidence of numerous different crimes, joined his father, President Joe Biden, for a flight on Air Force One for a family vacation, the Conservative Brief reported.

The dichotomy of these two events — a former Republican president being raided over dubious alleged crimes while the provably lawless son of the Democratic president flies on the presidential jet — only served to set in stone for many Americans the undeniable fact that there are two separate systems of justice in this nation that are based solely upon one’s ideological and political alignment.

Litany of legal problems and evidence of crimes by Hunter Biden

The New York Post reported Wednesday that Hunter Biden and his wife and son joined his father and others for a flight on Air Force One to South Carolina for a family vacation.

This is despite the fact that Hunter is admittedly under federal investigation for a host of alleged federal crimes, such as tax evasion and unregistered lobbying on behalf of foreign interests, among others.

It also ignores the fact that Hunter’s abandoned laptop, which reportedly has been in the possession of the FBI since 2019, is loaded with evidence of a variety of other significant crimes, including rampant drug use, human sex trafficking and prostitution, illegal firearms, and shady business dealings with foreigners, of which his father is strongly suspected of being fully aware of and profiting from, despite his prior pleas of ignorance on the matter.

“Nobody is above the law” … unless they are aligned with Democrats

The Conservative Brief noted that conservative Twitter virtually exploded over the duality of the hyper-scandalous Hunter Biden being obviously treated with kid gloves while former President Trump endures the vengeful wrath of the Democratic-led and aligned federal justice and law enforcement system over vague allegations.

Benny Johnson, of Newsmax and TPUSA, tweeted, “Hunter Biden on Air Force One while Donald Trump is getting raided. Tells you everything you need to know about the regime.”

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, shared a video of the Biden father and son boarding the presidential jet, and wrote, “In a brazen display of contempt for rule of law, President Biden and son Hunter board Air Force One together the day after Biden’s FBI engaged in a political raid of the home of President Trump.”

Then there is GOP digital strategist Greg Price, who posted a scorched-earth thread of tweets that completely exposed and undermined that currently popular Democratic mantra of “Nobody is above the law” as only being applicable to Republicans but not Democrats, and provided more than a dozen examples of blatant political double standards in that regard.

Concerning Hunter Biden, Price tweeted, “‘Nobody is above the law,’ unless you do sketchy business with Chinese companies, film yourself smoking crack, lie on a 4473 firearm form, and are involved in a Russian human trafficking ring. If you do that, you got a ride to your vacation on Air Force One today.”

This is beyond disconcerting and is flatly unacceptable, un-American, and unsustainable, and the Biden White House, if it had any sense of morality whatsoever, would quickly address and correct this gross imbalance of “justice” — but they won’t, because they directly benefit from it, so our Republic will further decline as the foundation of equal justice is continually torn asunder by partisan hacks.

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