Truth behind Hunter Biden $50K rent claim exposed, evidence of total dishonesty

Amid President Joe Biden’s developing classified documents scandal came the revelation of a rental application form for his son, Hunter Biden, that appeared to show that Hunter had claimed to have paid nearly $50,000 per month to live at his father’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

There was initial speculation that form was evidence of payouts from the Biden family’s influence-peddling, and while that no longer appears to be the case, the truth of the matter is nonetheless damning evidence of Hunter Biden’s dishonesty, the Daily Wire reported.

As it turns out, the application form on which Hunter Biden listed a monthly rent of almost $50,000 per month was actually a fraudulent lease application filled with other false information that he submitted ostensibly for himself to a luxury apartment complex in California that was actually intended for his cousin Caroline Biden, the troubled daughter of the president’s brother James.

The background check form

New York Post reporter Miranda Devine shared to social media a photo of the background screening check form that Hunter Biden had filled out and signed on July 27, 2018, which had been found on his abandoned laptop and showed his current address at that time as Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, for which he claimed to pay a monthly rent of $49,910.

At the bottom of the form, Biden also checked boxes to assert that he owned the home, that he had never been evicted from a leased property, and that he had never been convicted or pleaded guilty to a crime or had such a conviction or guilty plea expunged from his record.

False information provided

Much of that was false, however, according to an investigative report from The Washington Free Beacon, and Hunter Biden’s dishonesty has now been thoroughly exposed.

Emails and text messages from the time that were also recovered from the abandoned laptop revealed that Hunter’s cousin, Caroline, was serving two years of probation in New York City after being busted for using a stolen credit card but disliked her probation officer and wanted to move to California — a task that Hunter’s uncle James had assigned to him to facilitate.

Biden ultimately found the luxury apartment complex in Los Angeles, the Villa Carlotta, and ordered his assistant Katie Dodge to fill out the background check form on his behalf as if he was to be the one who would live in that apartment.

Biden, of course, did not actually own his father’s home in Wilmington, nor did he pay $49,910 per month in rent. That figure, according to the Free Beacon, appears to exactly match the down payment and quarterly rent that he paid for office space in Washington D.C. at the House of Sweden.

As for him checking the “No” box on if his record had ever been expunged of a crime, that was false too, as Biden was arrested for drug possession in 1988, per the Daily Wire, but had the charge expunged from his record after receiving a slap on the wrist.

It is unclear if Biden also lied about ever being evicted from a leased property, but given his history of drug abuse, multiple stints in rehab, and financial issues from time to time, it probably wouldn’t be surprising if there is an eviction at some point in the past.

Evidence of Biden’s dishonesty

The remainder of the Free Beacon report provided background context in the form of emails and text messages among family members, particularly between Hunter and Caroline, who commiserated together about their “crazy” and “sick” family and shortcomings in keeping their respective fathers pleased.

Some people had speculated that the rental application background check form was evidence of Biden family influence-peddling and illicit payoffs from dubious business deals, and while that doesn’t appear to be the case, it is further evidence of Hunter Biden’s complete and utter dishonesty.

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