In apparent defeat for George Soros, Hungary rejects United States’ policies on Russia

The leadership of Hungary is taking sides, and it is not good for billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

In recent months, the U.S. has taken a harsher stance against Russia, something Soros wants to see — but apparently, that is not to the liking of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Open Society Nightmare

Hungary’s current leadership despises George Soros — and there’s no question about that.

Soros’ idea of an “open society” utopia simply doesn’t appeal to Orban, who runs Soros’ home country.

Indeed, Orban is a firm believer in establishing borders and limiting immigration — something to which Soros is vehemently opposed.

The anchor of his open society theory is that everyone should be included and borders should be open for all to come and go as they please.

But as has been proven in the past, that philosophy leads to the eventual need for a socialist government, which most believe is Soros’ endgame for the United States and other countries he meddles in, like Hungary.

It’s A Trap

But it looks like immigration isn’t the only thing Soros and Hungary’s leader don’t agree on.

Due to new challenges between the United States and Russia, the U.S. has put some obstacles in front of Russia regarding its pipeline projects. For his part, Soros wants more of these sanctions and tariffs, but Hungary leadership is opposed to them.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a budding relationship between China and Hungary.

According to reports, Hungary is seeking the help of the Chinese to establish an advanced information structure.

This has led to Orban taking a more neutral stance with countries that are at the top of Soros’ hitlist — including Russia. But while Orban claims that he wants his country to be the next Switzerland — neutral and peaceful — the Hungary leader seems to be falling into bed with all the wrong people.

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This has not gone unnoticed by political pundits, as some believe Orban’s big pivot could eventually lead to Hungary falling into the same trap that Venezuela is currently in.

But only time will tell.

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