Report: Hungary dubs George Soros an ‘enemy’ of democracy

The infamously salmon-colored publication the Financial Times recently named George Soros its “Person of the Year” of 2018.

After hearing the “award” announcement, Hungary wasted no time in countering the award by calling Soros “an enemy of their democracy.”

Hungary government spokesman Zoltán Kovács wrote observed: “To the Financial Times, he’s Person of the Year, but to many ordinary citizens, Soros is an enemy of their democracy.”

Rewarding Criminals

Based on their actions over the last several years, it seems liberals are on a mission to reward criminals.

After all, they are hoping to look past criminal violations by millions of immigrants who enter the United States illegally, so why not celebrate a convicted inside trader?

George Soros was convicted of insider trading by a French court in 2002.

After the verdict, he was fined more than $2 million, the approximate amount of money he made for the insider trading transactions.

Then, less than two decades later, he was named “Person of the Year” by the liberal Financial Times.

Go figure.

Enemy of Democracy

The influence of George Soros is far and wide.

He has his hands in governments around the globe, hoping to become the most powerful and influential man on the planet.

Had Hillary Clinton won our presidential election, few on the right side of the aisle doubt it would have actually been George Soros calling the shots in the White House.

While his influence in America is troublesome, it does not compare to what he has done in other countries like Hungary, Soros’ home country.

Oligarchs using their money for international influence is nothing new, but what Soros is doing is more than dangerous.

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He constantly undermines governments and elected officials who do not represent his globalist vision.

He is a very dangerous man — and certainly not one who should be celebrated.

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