Hungarian PM wins re-election, poised to go after George Soros

George Soros could find himself in some dire straits very soon.

After winning the election in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban is likely to target George Soros as part his “crackdown” on private organizations that have been trying to create political upheaval.

Soros’ Worst Nightmare

Orban is a liberal’s worst nightmare.

He is a conservative with strong Christian beliefs… everything George Soros despises.

Much like the United States, Hungary is having problems with Muslim immigration.

Orban ran on a platform that included getting the immigration problem under control.

Soros has been very critical of the culture against Muslim immigration, so he will be a primary target for Orban to go after.

Landslide Win

Soros should also be worried because it was made very clear in this election the people of Hungary want a more conservative leader.

Orban won garnering over 2.5 million votes.

After Orban’s party won for the third consecutive time, and with a two-thirds vote, he can change constitutional laws, something that has to have Soros very worried.

Stop Soros

With the victory, Orban will no doubt look to join the conservative fight against EU migration policies.

With other conservatives already in place in Poland and Austria, Orban and Hungary will be welcomed to the mix.

The Fidesz Party (Orban’s party) has already expressed a desire to put anti-NGO legislation in place for any organizations that “pose a national security risk.”

As far as Fidesz is concerned, since Soros’ NGO supports migration, his organization is in fact a security risk for Hungary.

In fact, the legislation they are proposing has been dubbed the “Stop Soros” package.

A spokesman for the party stated, “After parliament is formed, at the end of April … in early May in the next parliament session we can start work … that is needed in the interest of the country, which could be the Stop Soros legal package.”

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If this legislation is successful, it could be the beginning of the end for Soros.

With more conservative leadership around the world, his time as one of the most powerful and influential liberals will hopefully come to a halt.

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