Hulu set to air exclusive interview with Christopher Steele

A widely debunked conspiracy is once again attracting the attention of the mainstream media.

Christopher Steele, the former British spy behind a controversial dossier about former President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, is the subject of a new Hulu documentary being developed in part by George Stephanopoulos, Breitbart reports.

“A worldwide exclusive interview”

Currently the co-anchor of Good Morning America on ABC, Stephanopoulos was once the top spokesman for then-President Bill Clinton.

The documentary Out of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier is billed by Hulu as “a worldwide exclusive interview” with the ex-spy.

According to the description, this will be “his first interview since the publication” of his notorious document.

Viewers will be able to watch the entire interview when it begins streaming next week, but Hulu has already released a preview.

Of course, those who followed the media narrative asserting that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election are already familiar with the Steele dossier, much of which has subsequently been denied or disproven.

Stephanopoulos builds library of projects

Steele reportedly worked alongside Democratic operatives to dig up or invent dirt to be used against the GOP nominee ahead of the election. Inspector General Michael Horowitz conducted a probe into the documents and found that much of it was based on hearsay from two sources who have since denied what Steele claimed they said.

The only verifiable information included in the dossier, Horowitz concluded, came from public sources.

Despite the gaping holes in Steele’s narrative, however, many in the mainstream media were eager to run with it in an apparent effort to disparage Trump in the process.

Now, Stephanopoulos seems to be working hard to keep that narrative alive with his new documentary. His own production company is behind the project. While his Steele interview will air on Hulu, George Stephanopoulos Productions is reportedly working on content for other services, including ABC, Disney+, National Geographic, and FX.

Regardless of where his company’s programming ends up, however, critics of the longtime Democratic operative are sure to conclude that it will be long on partisanship and short on hard facts.

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