Huge Numbers of Doctors Slamming ‘academy’ Over Pro-Transgender Ideology

Huge numbers of doctors are slamming their own American Academy of Pediatrics over the organization’s adherence to the pro-transgender ideology and its deliberate campaign to censor criticism of that agenda, according to a new report from the Daily Mail.

The U.K.-based publication reported that it obtained documents, from a whistleblower who was not identified, revealing the doctors’ opposition to the nationwide group’s social and political agenda.

The AAP’s agenda was revealed by its decision to respond to a resolution calling for more research by banning comments.

Among the doctors’ responses was, “As I am unable to comment on Resolution 27, I strongly urge the organization adopt policies or make statements concerning treatment of gender dysphoria in children and youths ONLY after an open and methodologically sound process, to ensure those statements are based on medical evidence rather than ideology.”

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The report explained the dispute essentially is a “war” between doctors and their professional organization.

“The top child health experts accuse the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) of pushing the ‘harmful’ drugs on transgender-identifying youngsters, according to damning leaked documents,” the report said.

“Disturbingly, the documents also reveal experts believe the APP is deliberately silencing internal criticism by blocking moves for a crucial policy review.”

The critics of the agenda that includes both sterility-inducing drugs and body-mutilating surgeries on children say the academy has a “shoddy” approach, and that patients would be better served with counseling.

“Fast-tracking adolescents into powerful drug cocktails takes a huge toll on young bodies and can lead to sterility and osteoporosis, critics say. For many teens, transitioning is celebrated, but others regret the treatment and seek reversals,” the report said.

The AAP, in response, claims its guidelines are based on evidence.

“But angry AAP members say the academy changed its rules to block a member-drafted resolution to launch a policy review. It led to the review being sidelined at the academy’s leadership conference, which ended in Chicago on Monday,” the report charged.

Comments from physicians said they supported the resolution calling for a review.

“I support resolution #27 … The AAP is endorsing great harm without high-quality or long-term evidence of benefit,” said one,who cited a study showing “100% of males put on the affirmative care/Dutch protocol lose all sexual sensation and function.”

The doctor continued, “We know from other research that most of those kids would likely grow up to be gay. Is this what we endorse, as pediatricians? The UK, Sweden, Finland, France, Australia and NZ are all backing away from the model supported by the AAP. Online sites where ‘detransitioners’ discuss the medical harm done to them are literally growing by the thousands…”

Another wrote, “I can no longer trust the AAP to provide medical evidence based education … The integrity and trust in the AAP will continue to erode if transparency and honest evidence based discussions (on all topics) are not promptly restored.”

Another said, “Before promulgating gender-affirming care, with all of its ethical implications (irreversible bodily changes, sterility, etc.) … don’t we want to be sure this is the best path?”

Another pointed to a forum that already includes 37,000 people detransitioning, and expressing their regret over their earlier decisions.

Expressions of alarm over the AAP agenda came from doctors in New York, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia, Idaho, Nevada, Wisconsin, Colorado, California, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Maine, South Carolina, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania, the report noted.

Earlier, five pediatricians had called for a resolution demanding a “rigorous systematic review” of the policy of gender “affirmation.”

The doctors wanted a study of the “safety, efficacy, and risks of childhood social transition, puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgery.”

But a new rule adopted by AAP officials prevented the resolution from being advanced. It was the only one of dozens that was censored by this procedure.

The Mail explained, “Julia Mason, an Oregon-based pediatrician and one of five authors of Resolution 27, said ever-more colleagues across the U.S. wanted to ‘slow down’ the mass handout of puberty-blockers and spend more time evaluating trans-identifying teens.”

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