Mike Huckabee slams Hillary Clinton for Russia hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton decided to take a cheap shot at President Donald Trump during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After seeing her idiotic comment, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee absolutely unloaded on Clinton, slamming her over her previous, questionable relationships with the Russians.

Just Stupid

When you know you have skeletons in your closet on a certain subject, you normally sit back and let everyone else take their shots.

Hillary, though, is simply too stupid to do that.

As everyone was taking shots at Trump for his post-summit press conference with Putin, Hillary decided to get her two cents in:

Hillary, as most know by now, sold massive Uranium rights off to Russia. And let’s not forget about the infamous “reset” button Hillary offered the Russians while Obama was in office.

Need we also point out the numerous occasions the Russians were have found to have hacked American government computers while Obama was in office — yet nothing was ever done.


Huckabee apparently hit his breaking point, as he unleashed a tweet that absolutely shredded Hillary Clinton:

Criticize Trump if you must, but he always has the best interest of the United States as his number one priority.

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The Democrats and Clinton in particular have proven that far more often than not, their own self interests take precedence over anything else.

Next time, Hillary, do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut.

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