Howard Stern claims to be eyeing the U.S. presidency

Fox News reports that Howard Stern, the radio personality, is thinking about running for president – for the U.S. presidency, that is. 

This isn’t a joke. Stern is said to have already chosen his running mate.

It was following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade that Stern revealed that he has ambitions to run for the U.S. presidency in 2024.

“I’m actually going to probably have to run for president now,” Stern said.

Stern’s platform:

Stern said, “the only agenda I would have is to make the country fair again.”

Stern, who aligns with the political left on many issues, went on to offer examples of how he would do this. For one thing, he said that he would work to eliminate the Electoral College. He cited the 2016 presidential election – in which Donald Trump was elected despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton – as evidence of the problem with the Electoral College system.

“I am going to do the very simple thing that’ll set the country straight: one vote, one person,” Stern said. He added, “A guy who lost the vote won the election. How long can we keep electing people who lost the election?”

In addition to getting rid of the Electoral College, Stern also made it clear that he, as president, would push to pack the Supreme Court. “The other thing is, if I do run for president – and I’m not ******* around, I’m really thinking about it — because the only other thing I’m going to do is appoint five more Supreme Court justices,” Stern said.

This would put liberals back in charge of the court, allowing the left to go back to enacting policies through the judiciary rather than through the legislature. It’s been a popular notion among some members of the political left, but not so popular among Americans.

Stern announces his running mate

It was in subsequent days that Stern announced that he had decided to make actor Bradley Cooper his running mate. Stern revealed that he had been in talks with Cooper and that Cooper had agreed to the arrangement.

Stern said that the benefit of having Cooper as a running mate is that he would “bring in the female vote like you wouldn’t believe.”

To be clear about all of this, we still do not have any idea whether Stern does intend to run for the presidency in 2024. He has yet to do anything definitive. For now, it appears that he is just testing out the waters.

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