Howard Schultz to resign as CEO of Starbucks ahead of potential presidential run

One of the more powerful CEO’s in our country has just stepped down from his position.

Howard Schultz, Executive Chairman of Starbucks, has announced he will be leaving the company at the end of June.

The Plan

According to reports, the Schultz retirement had been in the works for some time.

Privately, he informed the board of his plan more than a year ago.

Schultz is a very vocal opponent of President Trump’s and his retirement is directly linked to the Trump presidency.

Schultz has called Trump “a president that is creating episodic chaos every day.”

Is He Running?

Mr. Schultz is already very skilled at avoiding direct answers, so it is no surprise he is considering running for president in 2020.

When asked directly about his intentions, though, he sidestepped the question like a seasoned pro.

“For some time now, I have been deeply concerned about our country – the growing division at home and our standing in the world,” Schultz stated.


Sorry, Mr. Schultz, but the only division being created here at home is coming out of the mouths of Democrats.

And, when it comes to how the world perceives us, we are finally getting respect after having been walked over for decades.

Check Your Own Kitchen

Something to consider here is the actual company he headed compared to his own words.

Starbucks is a company that allowed it employees to disrespect law enforcement.

But, when those same employees told a person NOT buying anything at the store they needed to go, the company called for bias training for the entire company.

Something else to consider, though, is how the Democrats could possibly sell this man as a presidential candidate.

One of their long-standing arguments against Trump was that he was a businessman with no prior political experience.

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If Schultz were to win the primary, the Dems would then be forced to make a hard pivot to endorse a man with a similar business background to Trump.

Hypocrisy my friends, hypocrisy.

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