Adam Housley leaving Fox News to spend time with family

The exodus at Fox News continues.

Long-time Fox News reporter Adam Housley has reportedly resigned his position to spend more time at home with his wife and children.


Sources close to Housley pointed to a growing frustration of a lack of “real” journalism at the network.

They cite the fact Housley is leaving with no other position on the horizon.

Housley’s situation is eerily familiar to that of Conor Powell, who resigned from Fox earlier this month.

Both journalists expressed their frustration in how the network is having more panel-style shows and reporting less actual news.

Nature of the Beast

While one can respect their frustration, the fact is these channels are going to put out what sells.

Fox News is not alone in moving to more panel shows focusing on or two points rather than devoting full hours to anchored news.

The difference, though, is the other major cable networks are more liberal oriented.

That being the case, there are four or five networks all fighting for the same audience.

Fox News panel shows tend to be more conservative in nature.

That allows the network to stand alone with very little competition for the conservative viewer.


These networks are in business to make money, period.

Reporting live news is a very expensive venture.

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Putting a couple of hosts and a desk in a studio, relatively speaking, is very inexpensive.

With the current political climate, panel shows are a gold mine right now for these networks, so they are not going to go away anytime soon.

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