House votes to hold Merrick Garland in contempt

 June 13, 2024

The House of Representatives formally recommended that the Justice Department prosecute Attorney General Merrick Garland for rejecting a congressional subpoena on Wednesday.

The 216-207 vote was triggered by Garland's failure to release an audio recording that the White House has kept under wraps, citing executive privilege.

The audio recording is from an interview between Joe Biden and Special Counsel Robert Hur, who found that Biden "willfully retained" classified documents.

Garland held in contempt

While the DOJ has shared a transcript of Biden's interview, Garland has refused to release the audio claiming it would undermine cooperation with law enforcement. Republicans say they need the audio to verify the transcript.

"Transcripts do not and cannot capture emphasis, inflection, intonation, nuance, pace, pauses, pitch, rhythm, tone..." Republican Jim Jordan (R-OH) said.

Garland has ripped the contempt charge as an attack on the rule of law. In a statement, Garland called it "deeply disappointing that this House of Representatives has turned a serious congressional authority into a partisan weapon."

Biden's DOJ has won convictions against two allies of President Trump who refused to cooperate with the Democrat-run investigation into January 6th, Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro.

"Today's vote disregards the constitutional separation of powers, the Justice Department's need to protect its investigations, and the substantial amount of information we have provided to the Committees," Garland said.

"I will always stand up for this Department, its employees, and its vital mission to defend our democracy."

"Enough is enough"

Every Republican but one voted to hold Garland in contempt. Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) said the contempt vote was a political stunt.

“As a former prosecutor, I cannot in good conscience support a resolution that would further politicize our judicial system to score political points,” Joyce said. “The American people expect Congress to work for them, solve policy problems, and prioritize good governance. Enough is enough."

Republicans have cited the failure to charge Biden as evidence of selective prosecution. The DOJ is pursuing two federal prosecutions of Biden's primary political opponent, Donald Trump; one of those cases is about Trump's retention of classified documents.

Special Counsel Hur declined to charge Biden for having "willfully retained" documents, citing his age and "poor memory."

Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was found guilty on felony gun charges this week. Republicans have dismissed the conviction as a distraction from more serious wrongdoing involving the Biden family's finances.

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