House votes to block Trump administration from exiting Paris Climate Accord

House Democrats passed a token resolution on Thursday to block President Donald Trump from pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

The Climate Action Now Act passed with a vote of 231-190, with three Republicans voting across the aisle.

Let’s Get Serious

Democrats would rather waste their time posturing against the Trump administration rather than actually work with Republicans.

They know this measure has zero chance of getting to the president because Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has already promised it “will go nowhere.”

Work With, Not Against

The major problem with what Democrats are proposing, though, is that they are simply not willing to work with Republicans in any way.

For the first two years of Trump’s administration, they refused to bargain in good faith on any part of Trump’s platform agenda.

While Congress was able to push through some agenda legislation, by and large, they fell short.

Now that Dems control the House, they are creating legislation some Republicans would be willing to debate, possibly giving it some momentum, but they are attaching stipulations that guarantee it will fail.

In this case, part of the Act was that the United States would not be able to exit the Paris Climate Accord.

Trump has already stated he will remove the United States from the Accord as soon as possible, saying it is “very unfair at the highest level to the United States.”

Nobody likes the fact that our government is at a standstill, so why not actually come to the table and work together to get something rolling.

Instead of always trying to one-up the president and the Senate, the Democrats should sit down and actually work together on legislation.

Democrats think they are scoring points by passing legislation that they know will die in the Senate, but they are really only making more and more Americans upset with the current modus operandi of our government.

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