House unveils $40K check linking Joe Biden to China

November 1, 2023
World Net Daily

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More evidence of "laundered money" going to Joe Biden from a Chinese interest has been uncovered.

That's according to a report from House investigators looking into possible corruption by Biden and working on whether there is evidence enough for impeachment.

The latest is a direct $40,000 payment to Joe Biden from his brother James' wife shortly after James and Hunter Biden had received a large cash transfer from a Chinese company.

Earlier, there was a similarly suggestive $200,000 check written by James Biden and made out to Joe Biden, a check that also is part of the House investigation.

report in the Washington Examiner said the latest evidence shows, "James Biden had worked with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, on a business deal with Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC, forming a partnership that netted them and their partners millions of dollars.

"Sara Biden, James Biden’s wife, appeared to write the $40,000 check to Joe Biden, which she labeled as a loan repayment, shortly after receiving an influx of funds from CEFC in August 2017."

It could be confirmation of a years-long agenda by some Biden family members to sell access to Joe Biden, who spent eight years as Barack Obama's vice president. Among other issues involved are reported $5 million bribes from Ukraine each to Joe and Hunter Biden.

The money brought into the Biden family in recent years from such influence-peddling reportedly is in the range of $20 million, House investigators have said.

The report explained this scheme developed soon after Joe Biden was out of office.

"Hunter Biden and James Biden, along with former associates Rob Walker and James Gilliar, would together own 50% of the new venture. Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC, would own the other half of the company. Tony Bobulinski, another former business associate of the group, was slated to serve as the chief executive officer of the venture," it explained.

It was Gilliar who reportedly wanted Hunter Biden to set aside a 10% stake for "the big guy," but the venture never started operations.

"Instead, Hunter Biden pressured CEFC executives to send money directly to his holding company," the report said. "Through various entities, CEFC paid Hunter Biden the family’s share of their earnings from the Chinese partnership. Hunter Biden would then use one of his companies, Owasco, to send James Biden his cut."

Bank records show a venture linked to CEFC sent $5 million to a company partly owned by Hunter Biden in 2017, and on the same day, Hunter Biden apparently sent $400,000 into one of his own accounts.

Days later, Hunter Biden sent $150,000 to a business account held by James and Sara Biden, and that was followed quickly by Sara Biden's transfer of $50,000 to their personal account.

Shortly later, she wrote a $40,000 check to Joe Biden, allegedly for "loan repayment."

The House Oversight Committee confirmed, "at no point did any of the Biden family accounts have enough money in them already to make that series of transactions without the Chinese funding."

The money trail follows on testimony from Bobulinski, among others, that there were discussions among Bidens about setting up the company, but allowing Joe Biden to leave his name off any communications.

Bank records show the $200,000 was sent by James Biden to Joe Biden the same day he got that amount from a private business arrangement.

That also was characterized as a "loan repayment," although no loan documents have been found.

Fox News bluntly described the $40,000 as "laundered" money.

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., charged that Joe Biden had "exposed himself to future blackmail" from Beijing in the transactions.

Comer had obtained personal and business bank records belonging to both James Biden and Hunter Biden as part of the House investigation of Biden's financial dealings.

Comer said, "Remember when Joe Biden told the American people that his son didn’t make money in China? Well, not only did he lie about his son Hunter making money in China, but it also turns out that $40,000 in laundered China money landed in Joe Biden’s bank account in the form of a personal check. And the Oversight Committee has it."

Comer charged Biden "benefited from his family’s shady deal" with Chinese Communist Party-linked CEFC.

Among other evidence in the case is Hunter Biden's demand, for $10 million, from a CEFC associate, when he said in a social media statement he was "sitting with his father and that the Biden network would turn on his associate if he didn’t pony up the money," Comer said.

Hunter Biden said, at the time, "I am sitting here with my father, and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction."

He was addressing Henry Zhao, the director of the Chinese asset management firm Harvest Fund Management.

Comer said just days after, $5 million "flowed in from a Chinese affiliated of CEFC."

"Without his family peddling his name and his son threatening a CEFC associate with consequences that he said Joe Biden knew about, James wouldn’t have had the money to write the $40,000 check to his brother Joe," Comer said.

And he said the Biden family’s business with CEFC began while Joe Biden was vice president.

"In taking funds sourced to a CCP-linked company that wanted to advance China’s interests, Joe Biden exposed himself to future blackmail and put America’s interests behind his own desire for money," Comer said.

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