House schedules vote to hold Barr in contempt

The House Democrats are getting more and more desperate every day. Now, they’re trying to charge Attorney General William Barr with contempt of Congress.

In yet another effort to get their hands on the unredacted version of the Mueller report, House Judiciary Chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) scheduled a vote on holding Barr in contempt for Wednesday.

Desperate Times

Democrats have failed miserably in every effort to take down President Trump. The Mueller report was supposed to lead them to the promised land, but it came up empty. At least that is what we thought.

Democrats, however, believe there may be a few crumbs covered in black Sharpie, so they are demanding Barr turn over the unredacted report with all supporting documentation.

To this point, Barr has refused, as he follows the letter of the law in protecting Grand Jury testimony. So Democrats are now abusing their power and threatening to hit Barr with contempt if he does not comply with the subpoenas.

What Does It Mean?

There are several three different types of contempt Barr could be charged with: criminal, civil, and inherent. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has recommended Nadler go full bore and hit Barr with inherent contempt.

This is the most severe of all three types of contempt. Congress can then arrest Barr and bring him in by force if necessary. He would also be required to remain in custody until he answered all the questions being asked of him.

This an extreme option that has not been pursued since the 1930s and would surely not be a good look for the desperate Democrats.

It is worth noting that Barr has already extended an offer to Democrat leadership to view an even less redacted version of the report, which they refused.

This has leak written all over it, something Barr is obviously trying to avoid.

He knows the Democrats in Congress cannot be trusted and if they believe they can score political points by leaking something from the report to the media, they will.

As of this writing Barr has not blinked, so for now, the vote will go on as planned.

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