House GOP tells Biden admin to preserve border crisis related documents

Fox News reports that Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee have just told the administration of President Joe Biden to preserve all those documents that it has that relate to the ongoing southern border crisis. 

House Republicans are planning to conduct numerous investigations on a wide range of issues, including the southern border crisis, should they retake the House in the midterm elections, which they are forecasted to do.

It is towards this end that the Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee – led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) – have told Biden to preserve all documents related to the southern border crisis.

Get ready for some oversight

Jordan and his fellow Republicans made the request in a letter that they sent to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland this week.

According to Fox, the letter reads:

Committee Republicans intend to continue our oversight of the causes and consequences of the unprecedented Biden border crisis into the 118th Congress. This oversight includes examining the abdication of your duty to secure our borders, your failure to enforce federal immigration laws, and your dereliction in protecting Americans from the serious and detrimental consequences of the illegal immigration that you and the Biden Administration have caused.
The Republicans go on to call upon Mayorkas and Garland “to preserve all existing and future records and materials in your possession relating to the topics addressed in this letter.”
The Republicans, in the letter, provide an itemized list of all of those documents that Mayorkas and Garland ought to preserve.


Fiscal Year 2022 has come to a close, and the illegal immigration numbers at the southern border, during that fiscal year, reached record levels.

Reports indicate that, during Fiscal Year 2022, Border Patrol had over 2.3 million illegal immigrants encounters. That’s up significantly from Fiscal Year 2021, which saw 1.7 million encounters, which is still a huge figure.

Fiscal Year 2022 saw several months with over 200,000 illegal immigrant encounters. This includes September, which saw 227,000 such encounters.

The Biden administration is largely blamed by Republicans for these astronomically high numbers. They say that it started when Biden took office and reversed the more stringent immigration policies of former President Donald Trump and that it has continued with Biden and his administration refusing to take steps to secure the border.

There certainly doesn’t seem to be any urgency from the Biden administration to address the situation.

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