Top House Democrat Ted Lieu hospitalized for ‘chest pains,’ undergoes surgery: Report

One of the biggest supporters of impeachment in the House is having some medical issues.

After experiencing chest pains, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on Monday to relieve an artery blockage, Breitbart reports.

Rushed to hospital

Rep. Lieu had a very scary experience on Monday; after complaining of chest pains, he was taken to George Washington University Hospital. Tests ruled out an actual heart attack, but doctors did find a partial blockage in an artery.

According to Lieu’s chief of staff, Marc Cevasco: “An electrocardiogram, ultrasound and two blood tests confirmed there was no heart attack and no heart damage. A CT scan showed partial blockage of an artery that was likely the cause of the symptoms.”

On Tuesday, the doctors placed a stent in Lieu’s blocked artery. The surgery reportedly went well, and Cevasco stated that Lieu will be expected back to work next week, just in time to vote on impeachment.

Missing arguments, but not the vote

Lieu will surely be upset that he missed the arguments for impeachment as well as the crafting of the documents to be presented for a vote.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, he would have been able to put his stamp of approval on the articles of impeachment and grab some TV time while the committee debates the content of the articles.

Surely, though, even if they have to bring him to session in his hospital bed, he will not miss the vote.

Support is already starting to wane for impeachment, so Pelosi and company are going to need every vote they can get.

The impeachment took another hit this week when the Senate Judiciary held a hearing for the Inspector General’s report. The report itself proved that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has lied to the American people about Trump almost as badly as Comey abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant process.

After the public hearings, just about every poll taken flipped the script on the support for the impeachment, with roughly 51% of American voters disapproving of impeachment, according to Breitbart. The American people just aren’t buying it.

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