House Democrat calls on Fox host Sean Hannity to testify before Congress over Cohen hush money payments

Sean Hannity has had a target on his head ever since he first started to openly support Trump.

Now, because of comments the Fox host made in a recent interview with President Donald Trump, one House Democrat wants to put him under a subpoena.

Believing Cohen

This all comes down to whether Congress thinks Michael Cohen is a credible witness or not.

During his interview, Hannity told Trump that Cohen had told him multiple times he made the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and others on his own.

President Trump had also previously stated that Cohen decided to make the payments on his own, then Trump reimbursed him after the fact.

But in front of Congress, Cohen said everything he did was at the direction of Donald Trump.

Now, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) is calling Hannity a liar!

“Sean Hannity volunteered first-hand knowledge about Michael Cohen’s actions last night,” Cicilline tweeted before suggesting that Hannity should testify before Congress if he indeed has information that would counter Cohen’s testimony.

A spokesperson for Cicilline later said: “If [Hannity] was lying, it wouldn’t be the first time.”

Ruin His Career

All of this while, mind you, Cohen is the one that has been caught in lie after lie already.

His lying is part of the reason why he is having so many legal problems beyond this investigation now.

The most amazing aspect of this entire story, though, is that a member of Congress actually hinted that they want to get a member of the media under oath.

How many debunked stories have been told by liberal networks? And not once has anyone from Congress tried to get them under oath.

Meanwhile, Hannity makes a claim that has been backed by the president of the United States, and he is scrutinized!

The difference here is that Hannity is an open conservative supporting Trump, and the rest of the members of the media are hardcore liberals trying to ruin this president.

It’s clear that the real reason they want to get him to testify is to obliterate his career. Can you imagine a member of the press openly testifying about something a source told them?

Nothing good at all come of this for Hannity.

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