House Democrat caught watching golf on computer during impeachment hearing

A Democrat who called the impeachment of Trump a “watershed moment” did not treat the moment as solemnly as he was asking others to do.

While members of Congress were voting on whether or not to move the articles of impeachment forward, Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) was caught red-handed watching the President’s Cup on his laptop computer.

Calling out Republicans

When Richmond had his turn at the microphone, he implored Republicans to do the “right thing.”

He challenged them on how they would like to be “remembered” in this moment.

Ironically, it will be Richmond who will have a massive stain on his record when the time comes to remember these hearings.

We’d have to agree…

While many would agree that golf is more interesting than these bogus hearings, Richmond is the one being paid to sit down and listen to every word of the proceedings.

Instead, he decided to do some live streaming on his computer.

The entire nation now knows that Richmond is a golf fan due to the fact his viewing habits were caught on video right in the middle of the hearings…

Not only was Richmond watching golf, but the congresswoman sitting next to him was also joking with him and playing on her phone while the proceedings were taking place.

Can you imagine getting caught streaming TV shows while you were at work? There is little doubt if you did, you would be fired, suspended, or face some other discipline.

Instead, a member of Congress who is voting to impeach our president is not even paying attention to the proceedings.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel observed after the fact: “Democrats on Nadler’s Committee are so ‘solemn’ and ‘prayerful’ about impeachment that they’re watching golf at the hearing. This partisan sham has been an absolute waste of the American people’s time.”

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