Democrat House candidate quits race: ‘I cannot continue’

It’s game over for one Democratic House hopeful.

According to Breitbart, Kevin Van Ausdal has withdrawn his bid to represent Georgia in the United States Congress, all but ensuring that the GOP’s Marjorie Greene will prevail come Nov. 3.

“I cannot continue this race”

According to Breitbart, Van Ausdal was already considered a longshot candidate, but Democrats were hoping that putting all the focus on Greene’s alleged support for conspiracy theories would hurt her chances of winning the Georgia House seat. On Friday, however, those hopes were dashed.

In a tweet, Van Ausdal not only announced that he would be stepping away from the congressional race, but revealed that he’s moving out of the Peach State entirely.

“I am heartbroken to announce that for family and personal reasons, I cannot continue this race for Congress,” the Democrat wrote. “After length discussions with my team, attorneys, party officials, and others, the answer was clear, stepping aisde would be best for the voters.”

Van Ausdal added: “The next steps in my life are taking me away from Georgia, so I will be disqualified from serving in Congress.”

Take a look:

“A real winner”

Van Ausdal also said he hopes the Democratic Party can put up a candidate “that can carry this fight to the end.” But with so little time before Election Day, it is unlikely that anyone would be able to make a dent in Greene’s already massive lead.

Greene, for her part, has faced scrutiny throughout the race for promoting alleged conspiracy theories. According to Business Insider, she “falsely claimed at the American Priority Conference in 2018” that no evidence ever proved a plane hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

Still, her “Save America, Stop Socialism” slogan has earned Greene the support of conservatives across Georgia and all the way to the White House. According to NPR, President Donald Trump congratulated Greene on her primary win last month.

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