Former hostage rips Biden for leaving him behind in Iran

According to Joe Biden, the Obama administration did not have a whisper of controversy or wrongdoing — but a former hostage held captive in Iran tells a different story.

After Biden ripped President Donald Trump for being too cozy with a foreign nation that was holding an American hostage, a former Iranian hostage who remained in captivity on Obama’s watch ripped the Democratic presidential hopeful, as the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Biden slams Trump

According to the Free Beacon, medical student Mohamed Amashah was held in captivity in Egypt for over a year after being arrested during a political protest, and he was recently freed.

Amashah was charged by Egyptian authorities with misusing social media and helping a terrorist group, but by all accounts, all he actually did was hold up a sign during the protest that read “freedom for all prisoners.”

Right or wrong, negotiations on matters such as this take time, so while 486 days surely felt like an eternity for Amashah and his family, the release happened relatively quickly considering how long cases such as this have taken to rectify in the past.

Even so, Biden used Amashah’s detention as a way to take a cheap shot at President Trump, tweeting after the release:

Mohamed Amashah is finally home after 486 days in an Egyptian prison for holding a protest sign. Arresting, torturing, and exiling activists like Sarah Hegazy and Mohamed Soltan or threatening their families is unacceptable. No more blank checks for Trump’s “favorite dictator.”

What about me, Joe?

Nizar Zakka, however, was not amused by Biden’s take on the situation.

Zakka is a Lebanese national who was held prisoner in Iran from 2015 to 2019.

Unfortunately for Zakka, he was imprisoned while President Barack Obama was busy working through the details of his Iran nuclear deal.

Obama did not want to upset the apple cart during those negotiations, so Zakka’s release was not even on the table during the years when Biden served as vice president.

With that in mind, Zakka ripped Biden after his tweet about Amashah’s release, stating, according to Just The News:

With all due respect Mr. Biden, I don’t think you are well-positioned to comment on this subject. I never comment on politics but this one was too much. You left us behind in Iran. Remember? Tehran?

Biden will undoubtedly attack Trump over Amashah’s captivity the next time he gets in front of a microphone, and it would be nice if a journalist would bother to ask a follow-up question about Zakka’s take on the situation — but we won’t hold our breaths.

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