Fox host: Biden ‘might have to pony up some dough’ over disparaging claims against Rittenhouse

One Fox News host says President Joe Biden may soon be suffering the consequences after attempting to link Wisconsin teenager Kyle Rittenhouse to white supremacy.

According to Fox, anchor Jesse Watters said after Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges for shooting three people, two fatally, during unrest near his hometown last summer that “Joe might have to pony up some dough” for what Watters called his “libelous” comments.

“Demonizing regular people”

The controversy dates back to September 2020, a few weeks after the shooting, when Biden tried to tie his then-opponent, Donald Trump, to white supremacy with a tweet and video highlighting unrest across the country. In the process, he clearly implicated Rittenhouse, intimating that by siding with the teen, Trump was siding with racism.

According to Fox, Biden also claimed Rittenhouse was allegedly “part of a militia coming out in the state of Illinois.”

It was that remark that prompted Watters to speak out.

“The mainstream media has now moved from demonizing politicians to demonizing regular people,” Watters complained this week, according to Fox. “I have never seen anybody look so different than what they’re portrayed on in the media.”

“Accountability” could be forthcoming

In his first interview following his acquittal, Rittenhouse sat down with the Fox’s Tucker Carlson, where he said Biden’s claim that he’s a white supremacist amounts to “actual malice,” as Breitbart reported.

“Mr. President, if I could say one thing to you, I would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement,” he said. It’s “defaming my character for him to say something like that,” the teen added.

Rittenhouse also suggested during his talk with Carlson that his legal team is looking into bringing defamation lawsuits against Biden and others who have made similar statements about him.

“I have really good lawyers who are taking care of that right now,” Rittenhouse said, according to Breitbart. “So, I’m hoping, one day, there will be some — there will be accountability for their actions that they did.”

Only time will tell.

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