Hospital hammered for spending thousands on 'waste and wokery'

June 18, 2023
World Net Daily

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Hospitals in the United Kingdom have been criticized for spending tens of thousands of dollars on "waste and wokery" – the installation of new LGBT rainbow murals.

The Christian Institute reported a source close to Health Secretary Steve Barclay" also called the murals "virtue signaling."

One recent new "flag" covers a 30-meter walkway at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Farnborough, which is part of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The government source said the taxpayers want money "used for cutting waiting lists and caring for patients," not on "vanity projects."

Trust spokesman Clive Kay claimed the new mural communicates "our commitment as an organization to equality, diversity, and inclusion." One official called it a symbol of a "permanent celebration."

But Louise Irvine of the Clinical Advisory Group on Sex and Gender said the move could easily be "interpreted as the NHS supporting irreversible medical and surgical treatments for body modification," the report said.

According to the Telegraph, 20 NHS trusts spent "over £45,000 on installing and maintaining pedestrian crossings with the colors of the LGBT flag during the pandemic."

The report said the comments from the health secretary amounted to a "rebuke" to the trust.

The report said the trust brought in Valentino Vecchietti, an intersex campaigner, "to design the new 30-meter walkway which has taken a year to build. The trust could not provide the total cost when asked by The Telegraph."

The report said the walkway links the day surgery center with the main part of the hospital. It's also lined with rainbow wallpaper inside.

The report added, "The trust’s post on Twitter about the mural prompted a backlash of more than 2,700 comments. Bev Jackson, the co-founder of LGB Alliance, a group of same-sex-attracted people who oppose gender ideology, wrote: 'Why did you do this? If you think it makes everyone feel welcome you are badly mistaken.'"

And a member of Parliament, noting the hospitals' funding of billions of dollars a year, said they are "not underfunded, it's just very, very poorly managed."

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