Horror: Christian boy sodomized and murdered, now four suspects set free

August 1, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The American Center for Law and Justice has confirmed that its lawyers, both in the United States and Pakistan, are working on an appeal of a lower court's release of four Muslims who led police to the body of a murdered Christian boy.

The ACLJ said the "heart-wrenching case" involves the murder of Iftikhar Masih, a 12-year-old.

"On August 22, 2021, Iftikhar went to play with his friends in the neighborhood but did not return home. After looking for him for a day or so, the family informed the police. A missing person’s report was filed, and the police began searching for him."

Then two months later, "Someone in the neighborhood heard three boys Ahmad Sultan, Ali Hassan, and Haider (ranging from 16 to 17 years old) fighting. One of them said, 'I will tell people what you guys did to that Christian boy.' The person who overheard the conversation told Iftikhar’s father, Shahbaz Masih," the ACLJ report said.

Police were called again, and the three were arrested. It was during the investigation police found the three, and a man, Muhammad Azeem, 20, "had killed Iftikhar after committing sodomy on him."

The teen suspects led police to Iftikhar's buried body.

Investigators recovered, from the sugar cane field grave, bones and clothing, which were identified by the victim's family.

Azeem shortly after also was arrested, and he led police to where the attackers had buried the victim's skull.

DNA proved the identity of the victim.

"Despite the clear evidence that no one else knew where Iftikhar was buried, and no evidence of the defendant’s innocence was presented, Additional District and Sessions Judge Shaukat Javed Khan, in Jaranwala, acquitted all four," the ACLJ said.

The report continued, "The decision is especially egregious because each defendant identified the location of the body or skull. For two months, they hid this information until they were arrested. Yet, the judge disregarded these facts."

The ACLJ said, "We see this all too often in Pakistan, where Christians face a two-tiered system of justice. Christian victims are treated differently and Muslim attackers are given a pass.

"Our team of attorneys in Pakistan and the U.S. is preparing an appeal to be filed at the High Court in Pakistan," the organization said.

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