Hope Hicks celebrates new job at FOX with former White House colleagues

Hope Hicks was a trusted aide of businessman Donald Trump and played a key role in his 2016 presidential campaign before serving as the White House Communications Director during President Trump’s first year in office. Hicks resigned from that position to pursue other options in March.

The “other option” Hicks has settled on post-White House is to be the new top communications executive for FOX, the parent company of Fox News. Before heading to the west coast to start her new job, Hicks enjoyed a big send-off party with some of her former White House colleagues, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, in New York.

Vanity Fair¬†reported that Hicks was the honored guest of a dual celebration Friday night at the Manhattan apartment of Dina Powell, formerly a national security adviser for Trump’s White House.

Birthday and a new job

The party was held both to celebrate Hicks’ new job at FOX as well as her 30th birthday, and featured cupcakes and wine.

Other high-profile guests at the gathering included current and former White House advisers and staffers Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Sarah Sanders, and even Anthony Scaramucci, among others.

Former boyfriend Rob Porter did not attend, which was said to be “a relief” to Hick’s family, according to a friend.

The party was deemed to be a “brief respite” from the craziness of the midterm elections, as well as other issues swirling around in the anti-Trump liberal media.

Chief communications officer at FOX

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Hicks was scheduled to begin her new job at FOX in Los Angeles on Monday, a position for which she will reportedly be paid about $1 million — a big step up from her White House salary.

Hicks’ official title will be executive vice president and chief communications officer, and she will provide oversight to the communications for all of the subdivisions of FOX, including the Fox News Channel.

Ironically, her old position at the White House has since been filled by Bill Shine, who had formerly been a top executive at Fox News that oversaw communications and public relations.

In addition to heading up White House communications, Shine is also serving as White House deputy chief of staff.

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Previously, there had been rumblings that Hicks might eventually come back to the Trump White House or play a role in Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Hicks has proven in previous jobs that she is a capable and successful individual, and we expect more of the same as she settles into her new role at FOX.

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