Donald Trump orders Hope Hicks to ignore congressional subpoena

The dilemma that former White House staffer Hope Hicks faced as to whether or not to comply with congressional subpoenas has been settled.

The Trump administration has reportedly reached out to Hicks, ordering her to quit cooperating with Democrat demands to hand over documents regarding her time in the administration.

Overstepping Bounds

The reason behind the White House order was made public earlier this week.

The House Judiciary Committee wants Hicks to turn over documents from her time serving as the White House Communications Director.

According to White House attorneys, Hicks does not have the legal right to turn those documents over to anyone.

White House counsel further stated those documents are “legally protected from disclosure under longstanding constitutional principles, because they implicate significant executive branch confidentiality interests and executive privilege. “

Still Focused on Obstruction

Hicks, along with fellow administration counsel Annie Donaldson, were specifically mentioned in the Mueller report. Both were believed to have been in the room when various discussions were taking place.

Donaldson served as an aide to former White House counsel Don McGahn. During testimony, it was revealed Donaldson was in the room when Trump requested Mueller be fired.

According to McGahn, the only reason Mueller was not fired was because he refused to carry out the order by the President.

The alleged request by Trump to have Mueller fired was one of the instances of obstruction mentioned in the Mueller report.

To this point, the Trump administration has vowed to fight every subpoena in court.

Thus far, the courts have not looked kindly upon the Trump administration, dealing the President a loss in virtually every case thus far.

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