Honeymooning couple collide in zip line accident – one dead

A young couple had their marriage ended for all the wrong reasons.

While honeymooning in Honduras, the young husband was killed in a horrific zipline accident.

Unexpected Problems

Everything started out normal for the young couple.

Egael Tishman and Shif Fanken were married and taking a cruise to enjoy their first days together as a couple.

They decided to enjoy one of the excursions offered when the ship made its stop in Honduras.

Fanken went first, but there was a problem.

Her zipline got stuck about halfway down, but her husband was already on his way.

Tishman then crashed violently into her.

A local firefighter responding to the accident stated, “The girl stayed halfway on the cable and the guy came from behind and hit her.”

While Tishman apparently died on scene, the girl was rushed to a local hospital.

Franken was later airlifted to a Fort Lauderdale hospital.

Brutal Reminder

This accident is a sad reminder of how wrong things can go on any given day.

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The attraction has no doubt had thousands of successful trips, but everything just went horribly wrong for the young couple on that day.

This is a lesson liberals hopefully learn, as they continue to attack and harass Trump supporters, cabinet members, and GOP members of both the Senate and Congress.

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