Virginia couple’s honeymoon in Dominican Republic ends in hospital

Mysterious illness outbreaks have struck the Dominican Republican recently, leaving the nation stunned and tourists terrified to enter the country.

Those concerns were not enough for Derek and Skylar Martin to cancel their scheduled Punta Cana honeymoon, though — and things quickly turned sour.

Reported Illnesses

Border facilities are overwhelmed by immigrants from Central America right now. Sadly, many of these immigrants are being put into quarantine because of diseases they are carrying with them.

This is one of the major reasons the Trump administration is trying to get the border situation under control. This problem has impacted Americans traveling abroad.

Over the last year, it is believed that at least nine Americans have died in the Dominican Republic.

Still, the newlywed couple figured since they were staying at a resort, they would be fine.

Hospital Honeymoon

The couple had barely arrived at the resort when the problems started. On Saturday night, they dined at the Hibachi restaurant at the resort.

Later that night, Skylar started having stomach issues. She stated she went to bed around 11 p.m. then woke up violently ill.

“I’ve never felt more physically ill in my entire life, and I’m pretty healthy,” she said.

She eventually went to the hospital where she was treated, but doctors offered she and her husband, who also became ill, little solace.

Questions Remain

They were unable to nail down the exact cause of the illnesses, which led to the couple leaving the resort and returning home as soon as Skylar was strong enough for travel.

Nine Americans have died in the Dominican Republic since the beginning of the year, while dozens of others have become violently ill.

The Dominican Republic is currently at Level 2 travel advisory, which admonishes tourists to travel with caution.

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