Female homeowner shoots suspected home invader dead

If you believe Democrats, nobody in this country needs to legally own a gun.

Once again, they were proven wrong by a female homeowner that thwarted a break-in when she shot a home invader.

Protecting Her Home

According to police reports, the incident happened in Geneva County, Alabama, on Saturday night.

An unidentified man was allegedly trying to gain entrance to the woman’s home.

She repeatedly warned him off, but he refused to heed her warning.

After several warnings, the woman opened fire on the suspect and killed him.

Local police stated the woman lived in a remote area, so it is very understandable why she was scared and opened fire on the man.

Authorities also stated the woman is unlikely to face charges on the shooting.

Women Taking Up Arms

We are starting to see more and more stories of women protecting themselves with firearms these days.

Going back to last January, a woman in North Carolina fended off a home attack with her weapon.

Upon entering her home, Kay Dickson was assaulted and tied up.

She somehow managed to escape, then shot the assailant after retrieving her own firearm.

In May of last year, a woman in Texas fended off a home invasion with a firearm.

When a man tried to break into her home, she opened fire and hit him several times, killing him.

In June, yet another attack was thwarted in Indianapolis.

A man was on the run from police when he entered the office of a female accountant.

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As he approached her, she warned him not to come any further. When he continued to approach her, she opened fire and shot him.

Good guys with guns… yet they still want to take away our Second Amendment rights.

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