Homeless woman reportedly shot Travis Scott's producer

 February 4, 2024

Charged with murder on Tuesday, Kayla Delise Mackie, 27, is at the center of a tragic incident involving the death of 46-year-old producer William James Edwards III.

The unsettling discovery of Edwards in grave condition on a Santa Monica street led to his subsequent death at a nearby hospital.

The situation

Edwards, renowned for his collaboration with rappers Travis Scott and Lil Cobaine, passed away shortly after being rushed to the medical facility.

Mackie, currently identified as "experiencing homelessness" by the police, was apprehended in West Los Angeles the day following the incident. The motive behind her alleged involvement in Edwards' shooting remains shrouded in uncertainty.

The police department, in its statement, said, “On January 25th at approximately 10:25 AM, Santa Monica Police Department officers responded to a call of Shots Fired in the 2600 block of 29th Street in Santa Monica. Officers located the victim of the shooting seated in his parked vehicle. The victim, identified as William Edwards III, a 46-year-old resident of Los Angeles, was transported to a local hospital in grave condition and died at the hospital. The motive for the crime is still being investigated.”

The community shocked

Santa Monica Mayor Phil Brock expressed the community's shock over the "senseless killing" on 29th Street, extending sympathies to Edwards' loved ones and the wider community.

Edwards, leaving behind a wife and two young sons, was acknowledged for his exceptional talent, excelling in various endeavors.

Critical to Mackie's arrest were witness descriptions, pivotal in tracking down an individual also sought in Los Angeles for armed robbery and attempted homicide.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office, however, did not immediately provide specifics regarding Mackie's prior alleged criminal activities.

Mackie's charges

Mackie faces a series of charges, including murder, armed robbery, and attempted homicide. Currently held on a $2 million bond at the Century Regional Detention Facility, the accused's next legal steps will unfold in the aftermath of this distressing incident.

This tragic occurrence comes in the wake of another case where a homeless woman, Jameelah Elena Michl, faced charges for the murder of social justice advocate Michael Latt. Michl's alleged intrusion into Latt's home was reportedly driven by an obsession linked to a movie director acquainted with the victim.

The tragic loss leaves behind sadness for those who worked with the well-known producer who impacted many through his work.

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