Family home of North Carolina GOP candidate shot up after appearing in campaign ad for Dem opponent

In the wake of the attack on Paul Pelosi, Democrats and the media have furiously pushed a narrative that it is Republicans who are to blame for virtually all acts of politically motivated violence — even as that particular narrative is provably false.

In just one example, a family home of a Republican congressional candidate in North Carolina, Pat Harrigan, was shot at last month by an unknown gunman while his two young daughters were asleep inside, the Daily Wire reported.

Harrigan, a former U.S. Army Green Beret combat veteran, now seems to be linking that shooting to a dishonest and dishonorable campaign ad that his Democratic opponent, state Sen. Jeff Jackson (D), filmed in September right outside of the family home in Hickory, North Carolina.

Family endangered

The Associated Press reported that on October 18, gunshots were fired at the home of Harrigan’s parents in Hickory where the candidate’s two young daughters were staying, with at least one of the bullets smashing through a window and coming to a stop near where the two girls were sleeping.

Ironically, the two children had been moved out of the Charlotte area to their grandparents’ home in Hickory for their safety during the election campaign, and have now been moved again out of the state “out of an abundance of caution after the shooting.”

“It’s just disconcerting, especially with the children there,” the candidate’s mother, Marla Harrigan, told the outlet. “This campaign is so stressful, and we feel so badly for our son because, you know, he’s terribly stressed about his children … and now they’re gone, they’re not with their parents and it’s just very, very disruptive.”

Harrigan, in addition to being a Special Forces veteran, also owns a local firearms manufacturing business, and has reportedly been subjected to prior death threats and horrific accusations from his Democratic opponent Jackson and Jackson’s supporters.

“I’m focused on fixing the economy, lowering prices, and keeping our streets safe,” the candidate said Thursday. “And it’ll take more than a bullet and death threats to knock this Green Beret off that mission.”

Calling out his opponent

The revelation of the Oct. 18 shooting incident sheds new light and context on an “open letter” Harrigan had posted online to Jackson just a week later on Oct. 25 that excoriated his Democratic opponent for not living up to his own vow to run an “honest and decent” campaign for North Carolina’s newly created 14th Congressional District.

Noting the campaign ad filmed in front of the home in Hickory, Harrigan wrote, “Aside from the plainly false information in the ad, you crossed a red line — but not before showing your true character to the people of the 14th District.”

“The ad went too far because targeting family domiciles crosses a line. Family is stretched thin on campaigns — and you violated my family’s security,” he continued. “I have already received a credible death threat. I wear a low-profile bulletproof vest to every single major public event. As I travel, wherever my family is located, they are significantly less safe with me in this race. And they are even less safe now that you’ve shown one of my homes to the world.”

To conclude the open letter, Harrigan vowed to never endanger Jackson’s family by filming an ad in front of his home and challenged his opponent to a debate in which they could discuss “the economy, inflation, crime, education, abortion, gun control, energy policy, national security, immigration, and whatever else you would like to talk about, with the honor and decency befitting that one of us is about to hold.”

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