Home invasion suspect holds woman at gunpoint, husband shoots him in head

When are people going to learn that Texas is not the place to steal things?

After a pair of criminals tried to break into a home in the Lone Star State, one of them was rewarded with a shot in the head by the homeowner.

Drama Unfolding

This was not your run-of-the-mill home invasion.

It all started when two men tried to force their way into a Houston home.

A woman was in her driveway, headed to her front door, when two men approached her.

They took her purse and tried to force their way into the home.

Then, suddenly, the husband appeared, having heard the commotion outside.

Unfortunately for the two suspects, he grabbed his gun before heading outside.

Seeing his wife in danger, the man opened fire on the two criminals, and hit one of them in the head.

The second suspect then fled the scene.

Good Guys with Guns

If liberals had their way, this scenario would have been much different.

Liberals don’t want private citizens to have guns.

If that was the case, these two criminals would have been able to force their way into the home — and who knows what types of horrors would have befallen the couple at that point.

Thankfully, though, both of them can rest easy thanks to the Second Amendment.

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At last report, the second suspect was still at large.

The suspect who was shot was still in critical condition after surgery.

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