Tom Homan possibly rejoining Trump administration as ‘border czar’, but says announcement ‘premature’

President Trump caught the crew at Fox & Friends by surprise on Friday morning with a special announcement.

During a phone interview, Trump announced that he is bringing back former acting ICE Director Tom Homan as his border czar, but as it turns out, the position has yet to be formally accepted.

Watch the announcement below:


Tom Homan worked in the Trump administration for almost two years at ICE. When he retired, he was immediately picked up by Fox News as a contributor.

Rumors had surfaced Trump was in negotiations with Homan, but nothing had broken officially to that point.

Trump even admitted in the interview that the original plan was to announce it next week, but he decided to give in to temptation and break the news himself during that interview.

The announcement clearly caught the hosts of Fox & Friends by surprise. They even stated that Homan was scheduled to be on their show over the weekend.

Homan’s return to the administration, if it happens, would be very good news for Trump supporters, as he did an excellent job the first time around, and he is reportedly considering coming back on his terms.

His primary role would be, to quote Trump, to serve as a “border czar.” Trump stated that Homan would be working out of the White House, but we could primarily expect him to spend most of his time at the border, if things pan out the way the president clearly hopes.

Premature announcement

Tom Homan responded to President Trump’s announcement on Saturday, saying that he hasn’t officially accepted the job offer.

Homan stated on Cavuto Live that “I think yesterday’s announcement — I think the White House has made it clear that it was kind of premature.” However, he went on to indicate that he respects the President greatly, and is “open to working with him.”

Homan put the speculation to rest, saying “I haven’t accepted any position but […] I love my country and because I see what’s going on in the southwest border and after 34 years of serving my nation, you just don’t turn it off.”

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