Hollywood producer Dillon Jordon busted for running international prostitution ring

According to Breitbart, Hollywood producer Dillon D. Jordon has been indicted for operating an international prostitution and money laundering scheme after being arrested on Thursday.

Prosecutors allege that Jordon used his company, PaperChase Films, as a front for his international prostitution ring and money laundering operation, the Associated Press noted.

Jordon allegedly would fly prostitutes around the United States and other countries, in a period between 2010 and 2017. The shocking allegations are yet more proof that Hollywood is nothing less than a corrupt cancer plaguing American society.

A statement issued by prosecutors claims Jordon “primarily managed the finances of the prostitution business through two front companies incorporated in California, including a purported party and event planning company … and movie production company.”

Another Hollywood creep

Jordon would disguise the payments to prostitutes as “modeling fees, appearance fees, consulting fees, massage therapy fees, and house party fees, among other things.”

His plan seemingly worked well for a time, as Jordon succeeded in running his shady business for the better part of a decade. Jordon was making mountains of cash from running his prostitution ring while working his day job producing movies.

While Jordon may not be on the same level as the infamous Harvey Weinstein, his alleged actions add to the behavior pattern that Americans have witnessed from what seems like far too many Hollywood elitists.

The same people who lecture the American people on morals and lifestyles sometimes participate in reprehensible activities such as human trafficking and prostitution rings.

As CBS News reported, U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss issued a statement saying: “For years, Dillon Jordan operated an extensive and far-reaching prostitution business through two front companies – a purported party and event planning company and an actual movie production company. Now the party is over, and the film is a wrap.”

What comes next

Jordon was released on a $150,000 bond and has been ordered to refrain from contacting any of the victims involved in the case. He was also ordered to surrender his firearms.

The trial process could be lengthy and, given Jordon’s lower level of fame, it will likely lack the public pressure that undoubtedly factored into the case against Harvey Weinstein.

Hopefully, Jordon will face serious consequences for his egregious, alleged crimes.

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