‘Hollywood is not America’: Katy Perry living in ‘amazing’ Kentucky now

Pop music artist Katy Perry expounded on her “amazing experience” living in Kentucky for the last month on a recent episode of Chelsea Handler’s podcast, Dear Chelsea.

“I’m like, living in Kentucky, and I have for almost a month now. And that’s quite an amazing experience. Because it reminds you that Hollywood is not America,” Perry told Handler.

“You need to remember that,” Perry added. “Because I think you can understand people better.”

“Yeah, right. It’s nice to get outside of what you know to be normal and your reality,” Handler said in response.

“Living in a bubble”

Perry admitted that both she and those in Hollywood were both living in a “bubble” of different kinds, but seemed to favor Kentucky over Hollywood.

“Yeah, I mean they’re living in a bubble of sorts. We’re living in a bubble. Our bubbles are completely opposite. But they’re — it’s interesting,” Perry said.

“You’ve been in different bubbles cause you grew up in a bubble,” Handler added. “You grew up super religious, yeah, and that’s one bubble. Then you came into this industry, that’s another bubble. Right?”

“It’s an anthropology study of humans,” Perry admitted.

“Best decision”

Perry became a mother to Daisy, her daughter with Orlando Bloom, in August 2020. Motherhood was the “best decision [she’s] ever made in [her] entire life,” she said on the podcast.

Perry and Bloom got engaged in 2019 after dating since 2016 and had plans to marry in 2020 until COVID-19 got in the way.

They want to have a destination wedding, but “every couple of months it’s like, ‘New variant! New variant! New variant!'” Perry told ET.

It’s really interesting how when many celebrities want to settle down, get married, and have kids, they don’t want to do that in the immoral cesspool that is Hollywood.

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