Eric Holder attacks AG Barr as ‘unfit’ for office

The man who once declared himself President Obama’s “wingman” is now on the attack against Attorney General William Barr.

After Bill Barr openly disagreed with the conclusion of the Inspector General’s report, former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a scathing op-ed in which he stated that Barr is “unfit to be Attorney General” and indicated that he believes that Barr should be removed and a more suitable AG put into place. 

Do as I say…

We have often stated the best way to deflect from your own wrongdoings is to accuse someone else of the same crime.

Barr believes the FBI acted with bias in its investigation of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and the findings of the IG report itself supports that.

While there is no “conclusive” evidence to say that, it should also be noted it is virtually impossible to conclusively prove bias unless that person openly admits to it by the standard the IG has set.

Having said that, when you have 17 mistakes in FISA warrants, blatant manipulation of material, and not a single one of them is in Trump’s favor, it is pretty easy to see the bias.

Holder says it’s not possible though, yet he is a man that traveled down a path of obstructing justice and doing just about everything he is claiming that Barr has done.

Need for Russia investigation

Mr. Holder claims the IG report conclusively proved there was a need for the Russia inquiry against the Trump campaign and blasted Barr for “running political interference for an increasingly lawless president.”

That, however, is not what the Inspector General’s report was about. The report was about the origins of the investigation and the processes used to launch the investigation.

By the IG’s own admission, the threshold here is very low. So if meeting a low threshold is conclusive evidence, we have some big problems in our Justice Department.

Additionally, the two key factors in the decision to conduct surveillance were blatantly false. The Steele dossier, a debunked report, was the central piece of evidence used.

Second, the individual portrayed as a spy for the Russians, Carter Page, was a military veteran and a former asset for the CIA. Take out both of those elements, and that investigation ceases to exist.

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