Trump announces ‘historic’ deal normalizing relations between Morocco, Israel

One of President Donald Trump’s top foreign policy goals has been to establish lasting peace in the Middle East — and his efforts have been rewarded in recent months with the announcements of deals normalizing relations between Israel and a trio of Arab countries: the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan.

In what he called a “historic” moment, the president just announced that Morocco can now be added to that list.

It’s “the fourth Arab-Israeli agreement in four months” brokered by President Trump, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

“A massive breakthrough for peace”

It was on Twitter that Trump first revealed the “breakthrough” deal.

“Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations — a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East!” the president wrote Thursday morning.

According to the AP, the White House said Trump and Moroccan King Mohammed VI had reached an agreement to “resume diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel and expand economic and cultural cooperation to advance regional stability.”

The agreement will also “restore diplomatic and other ties, including the immediate reopening of liaison offices in Tel Aviv and Rabat, the eventual opening of embassies, and joint overflight rights for the two nations’ airlines,” the AP reported, citing Trump.

Recognition of Moroccan sovereignty

The AP also said that Morocco and Israel have long had “informal ties,” but this new agreement solidifies them. Of course, it didn’t come without at least one concession from the U.S.

According to the AP, the agreement includes the formal recognition by the U.S. of Morocco’s sovereignty over a disputed desert region known as Western Sahara, where a separatist group has long been pushing for autonomy and independence from Morocco.

Trump explained in a tweet: “Morocco recognized the United States in 1777. It is thus fitting we recognize their sovereignty over the Western Sahara.”

The Times of Israel reports that, in addition to President Trump and his team, Saudi Arabia also reportedly played a role — albeit quietly — in bringing Israel and Morocco together for the deal. Unnamed sources suggested to the outlet that Saudi Arabia itself could be about to announce its own agreement with Israel, though no clear timeline was laid out.

If such a deal is brokered, it would mark yet another huge step forward toward peace in the Middle East — and that’s something Trump will be remembered for long after his days in the White House come to an end.

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