Multiple polls and studies show Hispanic voters increasingly disapprove of Biden, Democratic Party

Democrats for decades have relied heavily upon the votes of Hispanic and Latino voters to win elections over Republicans, but under President Joe Biden, that prior ethnic advantage has rapidly diminished to a potentially politically fatal degree.

Just the News reported Sunday on a series of polls over the past several weeks and months that showed abysmally low approval ratings for Biden among Hispanic voters.

That is a really bad sign for Democrats more broadly, it should be noted, when coupled with growing evidence suggesting the second-largest voting bloc in the nation is abandoning the left-leaning party at a rapid rate.

Biden performing poorly in view of Hispanic voters

First, Just the News looked at the most recent Quinnipiac University poll, which showed that only 26 percent of Hispanic voters approved of Biden while 54 percent disapproved. Broken down further, a mere 12 percent “strongly” approved compared to 41 percent who “strongly” disapproved of the president.

Contrast that with what Pew Research had found following the 2020 election, when Biden drew 59 percent support from Hispanic voters, where it was also revealed that his share of the Hispanic vote was substantially lower than Democrats had received in prior elections.

Just the News then looked at a Marist/NPR poll from mid-December 2021, in which a combined 33 percent of Latino voters approved of Biden compared to a combined 65 percent that disapproved.

There are also the latest polling figures from Gallup, which charted how Biden’s approval among Hispanic adults once stood at 73 percent when his term in office first began but now registers at just 52 percent approval.

Hispanics abandoning the Democratic ship

Just the News went on to assert that the low approval ratings for President Biden among Hispanic voters was paired with increasing evidence that Hispanics, while not necessarily running into the arms of the Republican Party, were nonetheless abandoning the Democratic Party at an astonishing rate.

NBC News reported in March on a massive poll targeting just Hispanic respondents which found that the culturally right-leaning bloc could no longer be relied upon by Democratic candidates to deliver electoral victories as, at best, the bloc was now fairly evenly split between the two major parties.

That assessment appeared to be confirmed to some extent by the National Republican Congressional Committee based on its own polling of crucial battleground districts with large Hispanic populations.

The NRCC reported that its polling had revealed that the 63-36 percent split in favor of Democrats over Republicans in the 2020 elections had now been narrowed to a difference of just 44-37 percent in favor of Democrats.

That is indeed bad news for Biden and Democrats, as the newly independent Hispanic voters, while perhaps not registered as Republicans, will nevertheless likely vote in favor of Republican candidates as they are more closely aligned culturally with conservative issues, especially when it comes to things like the economy, jobs, and inflation, education, border security, and rising crime rates, to say nothing of a cultural aversion to leftist progressivism and socialism.

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