Dem Sen. Hirono issues literal ‘call to arms’ against pro-lifers

For the past several years, Democrats have insisted that sharp political rhetoric from former President Donald Trump and his Republican supporters was akin to incitement to partisan violence against others with opposing views.

Yet, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) just did exactly what she and other Democrats have heavily criticized by issuing her own literal “call to arms” on the Senate floor in opposition to pro-life supporters of regulations on abortion procedures, Breitbart reported.

The senator’s apparent incitement to violence comes as dozens of pro-life facilities and individuals have been targeted nationwide for actual attacks and harassment by pro-abortion activists in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that returned the right of abortion regulation to the individual states.

“Literally a call to arms”

Sen. Hirono rose to speak on Wednesday in opposition to Republican-proposed legislation that would impose a federal ban on most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with the usual exemptions.

“When I hear my colleagues talking about how it should be states’ rights or government should not be telling us what to do, the word ‘hypocrites’ — it doesn’t even go far enough to call them out on what they’re doing,” Hirono said.

“This is an outright attack on women in this country, that is how I see it,” she continued. “That is how more and more women and those who support our right to make decisions about our own bodies, that is how we see it. And why? Because that’s what’s happening.”

As the Hawaii Democrat yielded the floor, she added, “Clearly, this is literally a call to arms in our country.”

Hirono could bear the blame for violence under Democratic logic

Fox News reported that there was immediate and intense — and some would argue, wholly justifiable — pushback against Hirono’s “call to arms” commentary, given how Hirono herself and many of her Democratic colleagues have repeatedly decried such rhetoric as unacceptable incitement of violence from supporters.

It was also duly noted that her “call to arms” comes as numerous pro-life “crisis pregnancy centers” that offer assistance and alternatives to abortion have been targeted with physical attacks and destructive vandalism by pro-abortion activist groups, such one known as Jane’s Revenge that has publicly claimed credit for at least 18 such attacks.

Breitbart further noted that Hirono’s remarks followed President Biden’s own heavily criticized “Dark MAGA” speech in which he essentially declared Trump and the “MAGA Republicans” who support him to be violence-prone mortal enemies that posed a “clear and present danger” to democracy and the nation as a whole.

If, God forbid, there are actual armed attacks against pro-life facilities and individuals in the near future, it could be argued that the perpetrators were directly incited and inspired to act by Hirono — at least, if we are going to continue with this absurd logic put forward by the left that equates mere words with actual violence, albeit apparently only when one side does it, though.

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