Fox host Steve Hilton calls for Biden’s resignation and removal over baby formula shortage crisis

The White House has recently attempted to address a worsening shortage of baby formula that has reached a crisis level, but this current crisis is only the latest in a series that has clearly displayed the utter incompetence of President Joe Biden and his administration.

That was the message put forward Sunday by Fox News Steve Hilton in a scathing diatribe that called for the resignation or removal of the “incapacitated” President Biden, the Conservative Brief reported.

Biden’s baby formula crisis a final straw

Hilton’s suggestion that Biden should resign and be removed from office came at the tail end of his opening monologue to start his “The Next Revolution” Sunday evening show on Fox News.

He slammed the Biden White House for the weak and “utterly incompetent” manner in which the administration had handled a series of major crises, from the botched Afghanistan withdrawal to the invasion of the southern border, and from inflation to the current baby formula shortage.

“More than Biden’s border crisis. more than Biden’s inflation crisis — both of those, the consequence of deliberate ideological choices — the Biden baby crisis proves beyond any doubt that this Biden regime — the whole rotten crew of Obama retreads, swamp time servers, and juvenile activists — is totally unserious and completely incompetent,” Hilton said.

Biden “should resign or be removed from office immediately”

Hilton spent a few moments picking apart the White House over its response to the baby formula shortage and noted the role the administration played in causing the shortage while he also highlighted how, on the one hand, the administration claims to have been working to address the issue for months, yet, on the other hand, have also made statements suggesting the crisis had only recently come to their attention.

“This is the real crisis,” Hilton said in reference to the president himself. “The underlying crisis, the crisis underlying the inflation crisis and the border crisis and the Afghan crisis and the baby crisis, and all the others is Biden’s capacity to do his job.”

“The policy failures, the broken promises, these are things for our political process to resolve in the timehonored way through elections, but Biden’s obvious inability to perform the duties of president properly, that’s different. We cannot wait until 2024,” he continued.

Hilton concluded that there was “no reason for the United States of America to tolerate an incapacitated president. We must respect the Constitution. Biden has proven he’s not fit to be president. He should resign or be removed from office immediately.”

He’s gotta go

President Biden has indeed shown not just the nation but the entire world that he simply lacks the capacity to do his job and is unfit to continue serving as president of the United States.

And, though it would leave us with Vice President Kamala Harris in position to assume the presidency — another national crisis in and of itself — Hilton is correct that Americans cannot and should not continue to tolerate the absolute incompetence and remarkable failures of Biden and his top officials.

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