Fox’s Hilton declares Biden presidency ‘dead’ as stalemate over spending, infrastructure bills continues

Little more than nine months into his tenure as president, Joe Biden has already suffered a series of embarrassing legislative defeats — and things haven’t been looking up recently as debate continues on Capitol Hill over his pricey federal spending proposal and an infrastructure bill that progressives are coupling with it.

The prolonged stalemate has one conservative commentator saying the Biden presidency is all but “dead” at this point, as the White House fails to make its mark legislatively.

According to Breitbart, those comments came Sunday from Fox News host Steve Hilton in a hard-hitting segment on his program, The Next Revolution.

“This is an ex-presidency”

Speaking Sunday, the British-born Hilton referenced a skit from British comedy troupe Monty Python in which a man attempts to return an obviously deceased bird to a pet shop, only to be told by the owner that the parrot wasn’t really dead, but was only “resting.”

“Well, this was the week it became clear that the Biden presidency is, in fact, dead. It’s not resting. It is not in some temporary slump,” Hilton remarked, according to Breitbart. “Just like the parrot in that ‘Monty Python’ skit, it is a presidency that ‘is no more,’ that ‘has ceased to be,’ it ‘has expired’ and ‘gone to meet its maker.’ This is an ex-presidency.”

The Fox host pointed to Biden’s disastrous trip over to Capitol Hill on Thursday as the president hoped to secure support for both his infrastructure agenda as well as a broader — and more expensive — domestic spending plan dubbed the “Build Back Better Act.” In the end, Biden was blocked from victory by obstinate House progressives who want both measures to be passed simultaneously.

“The moment the Biden presidency died”

Hilton asserted that House progressives had, for all intents and purposes, told Biden to “drop dead.”

“That was the moment the Biden presidency died,” he commented, according to Breitbart.

Hilton went on:

In the end, [Biden] was humiliated by his own party and it was all totally unnecessary, driven not by the national interest, but Biden’s personal vanity. It was exactly the same with Afghanistan. He insisted on a reckless deadline, just so he could make some sick speech on the anniversary of 9/11. The cost of that wasn’t just humiliation, but the lives of hundreds of Afghans and 13 American soldiers.

The Fox host concluded that Biden has become a “joke” in the eyes of Americans and others around the world. “He may hang on for another three years, but as this week showed, he is totally irrelevant to anything that’s actually happening,” Hilton said, as Breitbart reported.

Take a look for yourself:

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