Hillary Clinton still won’t rule out a 2020 run for the White House

Here we are in December, a mere two months before the first vote is cast in the run-up to the 2020 election, and Hillary Clinton is still trying to generate buzz for herself.

While making an appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Clinton announced that she is still not willing to rule out running, but conceded that she’ll “have to make up [her] mind really quickly,” according to Breitbart.

Really, Hillary?

When listening to Hillary, one cannot help but wonder if she is telling the real story or her story. Let’s face facts here: Hillary has a real difficulty being out of the headlines for very long.

Ironically, in her book, she praised a female sports star who told her fans “forget me,” something Hillary seems unable to be able to say herself.

“The rumor mill is flying that you could step back into the ring,” Norton said to the former secretary of State, to which she replied: “I hear that. I have been deluged the last few weeks with thinking about doing that, but right now I’m not at all planning that.”

However, she never made it clear if those requests are from random fans on social media or if they are meaningful requests from party officials.

When pushed on the subject of running by Norton, Hillary stated, “As I say, never, never, never say never.”

Just let it go

Hillary seems to be unable to deal with the fact the Electoral College tally did not swing her way in 2016. If you recall, it was only a few weeks ago that she told BBC Radio 5 that she wanted to “retire” Donald Trump.

Now, that is not exactly the language you’d expect from someone who stated she would work hard after the election to help unify the country, is it?

As the current Democrat field collapses, a lot of what Hillary decides will likely depend on how Joe Biden holds up over the next month or so.

Biden’s gaffes — past and present — continue to pile up, not to mention the lingering questions concerning his son’s appointment to the board of corrupt Ukrainian energy giant, Burisma.

Dems are panicking right now because they know their candidates are uninspiring, and their impeachment is falling apart at the seams. You never know, Dems just might be desperate enough to pull Hillary off the shelf and send her up to bat for the third time.

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