‘She’s running’: Steve Bannon predicts Hillary Clinton will enter the 2020 race

Hillary Clinton failed her party in 2016, but a former Trump staffer believes she is about to take her third shot at the White House.

While talking to Trish Regan on Fox Business, former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon stated, “I even think Hillary Clinton or Bloomberg or some centrist comes in here… She’s running. She’s just trying to decide how to fit her way in.”

Only One Purpose

Bannon made the very good point that Democrats have done nothing for the American people since Election Day in 2016. Their only focus has been to remove Trump from office. That’s it.

Even with Trump under constant attack, this administration managed to move the country forward, something in which the Democrats have had little interest.

While Democrats have the news world all abuzz with impeachment talk, there is still considerable doubt if their party has a current candidate in the race who can actually win.

Most people believe Bernie Sanders is too far to the left and too set on turning the United States into a socialist haven to have a chance at winning over moderate Democrats.

Elizabeth Warren is pretty much the same story as Bernie Sanders. Both her foreign and domestic policy are probably way too radical for Democrats in the middle.

Joe Biden used to be the true centrist in the race, but he has slowly swerved to the left, especially on immigration and abortion, two issues where he traditionally walked right down the center of the road.

Will Hillary Really Run?

We are only four months from the first primary vote, and Hillary has yet to announce.

IF Biden were not in this race, it could be a different story, but with Biden and Hillary having a very similar platform, it is tough to imagine Hillary jumping in and taking the steam away from Biden’s campaign.

Honestly, it is so late in the primary race right now, it is hard to imagine anyone of importance entering the fray at this point.

However, what will happen if the “wrong” candidate wins the primary, someone like Bernie Sanders? If that happens, all bets are off and someone may decide to run as an independent in the hopes of getting rid of Trump once and for all.

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