Internet rumor mill wonders: Is Hillary wearing a ‘Life Alert’ button?

Hillary’s attire at Ozy Fest in New York is being scrutinized not just for her horrific choice in wardrobe for the day, but also for a “trinket” she had on.

Now, rumors are starting to fly that Hillary may be wearing a Life Alert button around her neck.

That Dress Though

As Hillary took the stage at OZY Fest this weekend, she single-handedly almost broke the internet.

People simply could not believe a former presidential candidate was wearing a muumuu during a public appearance.

She looked more like a grandmother having coffee in her house on Saturday rather than a politician speaking about the future of America.

Then, just as the excitement over her wardrobe wore down, someone noticed something hanging around her neck.

Life Alert Rumors

A tweet went out pinpointing what many probably mistook as a pendant of some sort hanging from Hillary’s neck…

The similarities to the Life Alert device then took hold and rumors started to fly.

To make this very clear, there is no confirmation the “pendant” around her neck is actually a Life Alert device.

While the similarities are uncanny, nothing has been confirmed by Hillary’s camp.

That is not stopping numerous publications from reporting this as fact, however.

Having said that, it would make sense on Hillary’s part to take some type of precaution.

Her past is littered with falling incidents that at her age, could have resulted in very serious injuries.

Then, there is the cast that suddenly showed up on her wrist.

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Of course, there is also the collapse in New York last year.

So, if it is a Life Alert, we support you Hillary, because we want to make sure you stay nice and healthy until your trial!

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